Capitalism and Marxism


A way of producing the needs for society based on private ownership. Examples of this include food, water, energy, homes, transport and education.

Bourgeoisie – people who own the means of production. Factory owners, own the Labour etc Buy the labour off the proletariat to create products they sell off the market and try to extract as much as possible for the lowest price.

Proletariat – people who sell their labour for a living. The Workers. Sell labour to the bourgeoisie creating products for them to sell for profit. Its their interests to avoid being exploited by the bourgeoisie and their pursuit of higher profits.

The Communist Manifesto – Too much exploration, history of all societies is a history of class struggle.

Ideology – Marxists believes that if the any media reflects, reproduces and promotes the values of the class that owns and controls the media

interpellation – so ingrained into the system you don’t realise the consumption of class.

What does a marxist critic do?

Showing differences between classes, Point out “false consciousness”, Promoting “Hard Work”, highlighting the struggle to pay bills, Religion is the opiate of the masses” distraction from the class struggle point out promotion of religious devotion, highlighting exploitation of workers, How money effects family life.

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