Writing tasks

Andrew Shepherd

Task 1 10 minutes

The lamp, the rain, the wind, the night, the chill, the birds, the waves, splash. Fear, man, sea, uncontrollable, clash, smash, broken.

Panic, death, worry, struggle, fight. Silence.

Task 2 It’s a dogs life

Looking up, he isn’t here. Stretch my old legs to a stand and slowly make my way to the couch and I look up calculating if I can make the jump. I spring from my back legs making it onto the couch with my front paws on the windowsill glazing through the glass window. The car has gone. I watch the next-door neighbours dog walk past with their owner enjoying the fresh air outside. They have left me again, what if they don’t come back? Will they leave me here on my own forever? What have I done wrong? Was it because I ripped up all of those papers by the front door? Wait, did I leave some? I slowly crawl back down the couch to the front door to find the mess has been cleared. However, more papers slide through the door.

There before me is a heap of unimportant looking papers. I doubt they need them; they hardly look at them anyway. Springing towards the pieces of paper on the floor, eyeing up, which I want to attack first. Before I even know it, I am in a heap of shredded paper on the floor with bits of paper in my mouth. I hear the rattling of keys in the lock. I have done it again!

Night Hawks Image


We had been in Phillies bar for hours now. In fact after closing hours, however owner Alphonse was allowing us to stay in after hours after celebrating our engagement. Everyone had departed into the dark night lashing with rain. The streets of Chicago had been cleared with the occasional headlines illuminating the glass fronts of the high streets and the bar. Alphonse was leaning over wiping the surfaces removing the spillages left on the wooden surface polishing with his cloth. The jukebox was echoing into the empty room playing swing with the pink and blue neon lights bouncing onto the clear white walls and colouring the diamond on my fiancés new ring. There was a great anticipation that Lucia and I were venturing into new territory and clearing any past bad memories with this engagement. A lone figure walked by the sidewalk with the streetlights bouncing off his trilby hat and edged towards the entrance. The door swung open as we were greeted by the sounds the bells from the door opening and the beating of Chicago rain on the concrete of the floor. The suspicious figure raised his flushed face from the cold and sharp cutting rain with the water dripping on the recently polished floor. He shouted over “May I have a drink, I have the money to pay for it?” Alphonse looked at me in a way to get my approval and I looked back with a nod to which Alphonse allowed the man to advance to the bar. The man was obviously wet, but he was not drenched, as one would expect judging by the heaviness of the rain.

You could hear his wooden soles tap against the floor as he walked over and jumped on the stool to our right. He was a well-dressed man, dressed head to toe in expensive clothes. I thought to myself that it was unusual that he was walking around Chicago at this time of the night in the pouring rain without anything to protect himself. He took his wallet out of his pocket and the water from his drenched clothes dirtied the polished surface again. “Black coffee please”. I was watching this man in the corner of my eye and saw he was reaching into his pocket and pulled out a gun and pointed it towards our direction. My instinct was to cover my fiancé and get out of the way of any incoming bullets targeted at us. “Bang, Bang”.

I was on the floor, blanked out as I heard the wooden soles running out of the bar. My vision was slowly blurring and I could feel the blood dripping down my chest and onto the floor around me. “I am going to die!’