Final Major Project Research

macbookair2 maxresdefault iPhone-5c-For-the-colorful 130214105230-pistorius-nike-ad-story-body mcdonalds images Topman_Generation_00 114100916__341964c coke_share_with-620x231 nike-iniesta I was looking through the different types of advertisements and looked for examples which i can fit in with my FMP proposal and above were the examples which were famous examples of examples which i felt i could use. People would recognise these advertisements straight which i feel would make my final pieces more powerful as the viewers will instantly recognise the pieces and take more interest in the message being put across in the poster. I started to brainstorm the ideas based on these advertisements to get across my message of advertising neglecting the elderly. Such as the apple advertisements, instead of young people in a silhouette i decided to replace them with an elderly character such as the image below. I played with this idea such as making them listening to an Ipod or having a old telephone instead of the latest Iphone in the advertisement poster. vector-silhouette-old-woman-white-background-47629582 I picked at the Mcdonalds advertisement because it is perhaps one of the most famous advertisement logo and slogan with “Im Lovin’ It” so people will instantly recognise the advertisement and will realise if anything has been changed from the image. I got the idea of changing the slogan which people will realise making the meaning behind the image stand out. I was playing with the idea on changing the text to “I loved it” which will give the viewers the sarcastic message of why perhaps it isnt aimed on older people. ilifab_rm_b_l_p I thought i could play with the Yorkie slogan which again is a well known one of “It’s not for girls” which i instantly thought i could change to match my project and the image of the girl in the warning signs gave me ideas. The nike advertisements are a good advertisement to use because whilst looking through them i realised a lot of them are aimed towards the younger generations which is perhaps inevitable due to the high intensity sports and activities being advertised however it still is an example of the elderly being overlooked in the media. I particularly liked the ‘The future has been written” motto in one of the nike advertisements which i plan to use quite literally when coming to creating my products. Nike is again a world wide known company so the viewers can automatically relate to the advertising poster. I wanted to include another one of the main advertisements all over the world which is the Coke advertisement. coke_side_life1 i was thinking of the ways in which i could of changed the Coke advertisements so i could get across my message of how perhaps Coke doesn’t aim their product to the elderly. I was thinking of using this poster above and include items linked to older people coming out of the Coke bottle but time restricted me which is something i had hoped to have done. I instead will use the image from above with the names on the coke bottles and use old fashioned names which will make the viewers look as they are normally modern and popular names on the bottles. I saw the Android advertisement and saw ways in which i could change the image of the android to appeal more to the elderly by stereotyping old people and making the image look like an old person stereotype. This again is a sarcastic image portraying the message in a funny way. The motto in the Topman image stood out to me straight away and gave me ideas on how i could make it relevant to my project which was “Topman Generation.” I also thought this was a good idea to play on because Topman and Topshop are very popular fashion brands which are largely aimed towards the older people and will stand out to people viewing my advertising posters. As you can see in the poster a young man is pictured in the image which is straight away showing that it is aimed at a younger audience. I also looked at JD Sports advertisements to see what ideas i could bring that would suit my final major project. JS35907812 I was not as confident when looking through the JD sports advertisements as i didn’t find any suitable ways in which i could portray my meaning through the advertising posters. I was initially looking for a shoe advertisement in which i would put an old persons slipper again showing a sarcastic approach to the advertisement. Questionnaire  To get feedback from the public about my project idea and to get their opinion on some of my designs i decided to create a questionnaire and start asking about my project. Below is a copy of the questionnaire that i carried out. VOV Questionnaire copy This questionnaire has a few of my initial designs on the top of the page and in the first question i ask which of the colour coordinated images do they prefer so i get a good indication which of the images appeal more to the audiences visually. Then i asked what the images say to the people as i want to find out how easily the message that is being put across is realised. I also directly ask them what they think the message is which is trying to force them to look into the image and look for the hidden meanings. Then i ask them if they think that the elderly are considered in the advertising and marketing world and if not i ask them if they think that it is fair. This is the whole meaning behind my project which is to find if people are aware that elderly are not focused much in media and perhaps why they are not being included in advertisements. I wanted to ask a variety of different people but i mostly focused on the age of people i was asking. I wanted to ask people of different ages so i could get a fair response to my questionnaires and hopefully gain different views to these posters and perhaps provoke different responses. I also made sure i asked different genders as males and females may have different views on the advertising posters. Questionnaire Responses Response 1 Q1Right, Left, Left Q2 They are quite funny advertisements. Making fun of modern advertisements. Q3 Perhaps that advertising should be aimed more towards to older people. Or that older people are not as modern and not as interested in these products. Q4 Thinking about it now you don’t see many products being advertised especially for older people. Q5 I suppose it isn’t fair, i haven’t thought that much into it to be honest. I can understand why companies do tend to aim for younger audiences because of the more success they will get in sales but that doesn’t make it fair. Response 2 Q1 Right, Left, Left. I would include the older generation logo thing in the second left image though. Q2 They seem to be advertising products for older people. Q3 That apple should aim their products towards older people rather than young. Q4 Not much, you only see health insurance etc advertised towards older people really. Q5 No it isn’t fair Response 3 Q1 Right, Left, Right Q2 They seem like they are showing products towards older people rather than aiming towards the younger audience which you normally see. Q3 That the elderly should be considered in advertising more often Q4 Yeah you don’t see many old people being advertised in media. Q5 Don’t think it is fair at all thinking about it. Why are the elderly considered more in advertising? Response 4 Q1 Right, Left, Left Q2 That apple products grow out of fashion very quickly and are quickly replaced. Q3 That products that are being released are growing out of style quicker and that technology keeps moving on. Q4 Not an awful lot. You don’t see many advertisements including older people. Q5 I think it is fair in a way because a lot of the advertising are for the younger audiences and they are more likely to be consuming these advertising posters. Response 5 Q1 Right, Left, Left Q2 Pointing out that old people are not being aimed at in apples advertising. ‘For the traditional” “Old Generation” Q3 That perhaps media companies should be aiming their products towards older people more instead of the younger people. Q4 A lot of todays advertising campaigns are for younger people and not so much older people which isn’t fair. Q5 Last answer Response 6 Q1 Right, Left, Left Q2 Rotten apple may mean something is getting old. Maybe that why cant older people use the apple products which are being advertised. Q3 That old people should be able to buy products such as technology specifically apple products? Q4 Not much at all, like the first blue images have young people as the silhouettes which is quite clever how it is an old person. Q5 I don’t think it is fair as they deserve to be included in advertising more. Response 7 Q1 Right, Left, Right Q2 These images tell me that old people are not being focused on in advertising in todays world. Q3 That it is unfair that old people are not being aimed at in media and advertising. Q4 You hardly see older people in advertising. Everything is geared towards younger people. Q5 No it isn’t fair. Its the fact you hardly ever see content for older people at all. It is nearly all for younger people. Response 8 Q1 Right, Left, Left I would use the older generation image or the second poster Q2 It looks like old people are using technology which are for younger people. Q3 That companies such as these are aiming their products towards younger people. Q4 Not an awful lot. You often see them advertised for insurance companies etc. Q5 I think that older people should have more products aimed towards them in adverts and stuff. Questionnaire Analysis Overall I was happy with the feedback i got as i got some constructive advice which will help me improve my work and i also got results on which images were preferred out of the colour coordinated ones. I also got good responses to what people thought the images meant and the special meanings behind them. It made people realise that old people are not in much advertising of today which all respondents agreed with that they aren’t. The majority preferred the right image of the blue images and the left images of both the blue and black images which is very helpful to me as i want to find out which are more visually attractive. Both Response 2 and Response 8 both mentioned that i should include the “Older Generation” on the poster on the left out of the green posters even though they both preferred the left image. I thought this was very useful to me as i like to hear ways in which i can improve my work. I also found out in these responses that in Responses 4, Response 5 and Response 6 that the person thought that i was just aiming my work at Apple which is  not the feedback i wanted as it does look like i am criticising Apple from not aiming their products towards old people. I also thought that the eighth response was interesting because it is like they have been brainwashed by advertising due to their answer to question 2. They stated that the images look like ‘old people are using technology which are for younger people.’ This shows that they initially thought that it was assumed that the adverts should be for younger generations in which later on they admitted they didn’t think its fair. Screen shots These screenshots show myself working and making changes to all of my images on Photoshop because that is the program i used to create my posters. Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 13.44.20 Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 13.46.13 Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 13.50.23 Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 14.41.43 Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 13.34.20 Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 13.39.05 Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 13.36.49 These images show some of the techniques i used when creating my final pieces. I used a lot of the features on photoshop. I used a lot of placing images when i wanted to insert pictures as seen above and i used the selection tool as you can see in the top image. In the second image there is an example of my saving my poster as a JPEG image. As you in the third image you can see that i used the selection tool to select parts of the image. I used the selection tool a lot during creating my Final Projects and in the fourth image you can see that i have used it again and used the paint tool to colour in the background behind the Nike logo. I wanted to replicate the gold used in some of Nikes advertising posters so i used the eyedropper tool to get the exact colour of gold being used. I also used the free transform tool a lot when creating my work as you can see apple dial up phone advert. I did this by pressing command and T and resized the image to the size that i wanted it to be by dragging.