Documentary Proposal

My idea for my documentary project is to create a video clip which will show how advertising and branding is very much part of our lives. I will show this by looking at the every day objects we use and the advertisement and branding we consume everyday without realising it in a 24 hour period portrayed into a number of peoples point of view.

I have chosen this theme because it is the area of journalism i hold the most interest in and is the topic i want to continue with in further education. I also like the idea of people taking in a lot of advertising subliminally so by making this documentary i will bring to the attention how we intake a lot of advertising each day without realising it. Because i am approaching the documentary in a point of view style, i was thinking it would work well with showing all of the advertising in our everyday lives. This project will also get over people involved as i will be using peoples clips of their interactions with advertising to add to the effect and message of my video clip.

By creating the clip i am hoping to get an understanding of the different types of branding different people use and the types of advertising they consume within the day. Getting clips from a number of different points of views will give me more of a range of clips which will make my documentary more successful. Viewers of the documentary will also get a direct insight into the branding and advertising techniques used by having a direct insight into peoples everyday lives. This will hopefully include examples such as street billboards, posters, music, TV and Radio and clothing which are the main examples and hopefully some more obscure examples of advertising.

I am also going to try and leave it up to the viewers to make up their own mind up wether advertising is affecting is in a negative or positive light. This will leave the audience to perhaps research more into the matters to form their own opinion of advertising. When producing the documentary i will want to remain impartial as possible perhaps hinting about the good and possibly bad sides of advertisement which will leave the question of wether it is good for people to be consuming this much media which will be portrayed in the video clips.

The theme i am covering affects everyone because wether you are walking through the streets of a main city or sitting in your lounge we are always consuming media which we do not realise which is part of the reason why i chose the topic and is part of the reason why i think the documentary needs to be made. Many think that advertising is brainwashing people into buying products and i hope to bring it into the attention of my viewers how advertising is very much part of our lives and how it does affect our lives. By showing peoples encounter with advertising, i hope to give ideas of how people are influenced by companies use of advertising.

This document could also raise questions on a business level other than the focused on personal level. The video clips included will help people see the constant battles between companies in the advertising department trying to gain the populations attention large examples being McDonalds versus Burger King and KFC, Nike vs Addidas. This can also make the viewers think how much advertising influences their decision when coming to giving a company their service which will give them an idea of how important advertising is.



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