Final Major Project

My Proposal

For my chosen theme for my final major project I have decided to focus on the ways in which the elderly may have or may not have been neglected in the advertising and marketing world. I decided to choose this subject after seeing that a lot of the adverts and different types of marketing nowadays are largely aimed towards the younger generations and not

so much those of an older age. I started to carry out some research to try and prove my theory by looking through a lot of the techniques behind advertising and looking at the popular examples of mainstream advertising and look at the audiences which are being aimed at through these advertising products.

After carrying out my research I found that the main audience aimed at in the pieces of advertising was that of younger generations rather than the older that I was aiming my research towards. These products included branding such as Pepsi, Volkswagen, Dolce and Gabbana, Tag Heuer and apple etc. This research helped me find out that there is a direct link between advertising media products and the audiences who are aimed at which are more times than not those of younger ages. When producing my work, I thought a lot about the audiences my work is intended for. I want my work to appeal to all ages as I feel it is a subject that is often overlooked and perhaps not even considered at all. I’m hoping my work will make people think again and really consider how advertising is brainwashing us when we realise how very little of the advertising world is aimed towards the older generations for a reason being the younger are more likely to receive the content and are more vulnerable to spending their money on the advertised items. I also want to directly aim my work at people of an older age who are perhaps being neglected in the media world to help them realise how the advertising world is set up to accommodate those who are younger.

I have given a lot of thought about the form in which I will produce my final major project and was initially thinking about creating it in article form. After speaking with a tutor, we decided that my work would be best produced in graphic form. This will require creating advertising style posters that will make people consider how little people of older generations are focused on in the world of advertising that will be printed out in large scale and will mimic a professional advertising poster. I have decided to create a number of posters to make up my final piece which will portray this message to the audience and will use Photoshop to achieve this. With the final images I create, I will produce a bit of text explaining the image which will make the viewers think about the image which will hopefully send a powerful message across.

I have been brainstorming ideas for my final piece such as thinking of ways that I can create a product that will send across a clear message. I will start to create image drafts on Photoshop and change the colours and layouts of the image. When I have a few different versions of possible final pieces I will take them to my tutor and discuss what we like and dislike about the images and make the suitable changes to construct the perfect final piece. I will also approach people with the images and ask them a few questions about the images so I can receive a public feedback to see if these images have an effect on people and if the message being put across is clear adding more to my research log. This feedback will be very helpful for me as I will get a direct insight on what the public think of my advertising pieces. This will also help to see if I have succeeded the project aim of making people aware of how the older generations are not considered much in the world of advertising. I will also test print some of my work in a large scale to see if the image quality stays the same the larger I make the image which will be a very important factor in my work as I want my final pieces to look as professional as possible.

Initial Ideas

All of these pieces are the ideas I thought up towards my final major project. I have tried to convey the message of the elderly being neglected through the media which Is why I have created my initial designs so I can go through all of them and create the most powerful and successful end products. For most of my initial designs I have created two versions conveying the same message so I can pick and choose from the different versions to create the best final piece. To help with me picking the best images, I have created a questionnaire which includes the images asking which they prefer from each. The questionnaire also asks what they perceive from the images so I can get a good idea whether my posters are doing the job that intend them to do and I also If they think that the points put across in my images are fair. Below is a copy of the questionnaire.

I have also had a few meetings with my tutor to look over the images with me and tips on how I can improve them. I also presented some of the images during my proposal presentation as an example to the final pieces that I was creating. I also asked friends and strangers in the questionnaires about what they thought of the different ideas which I have come up with as I want my final pieces to speak to the viewers as much as possible. A few of the initial designs I have tried and tested with different ideas which I will pick and choose from when coming to creating my final designs.

When talking to my tutor about my proposal we discussed different ideas that I could use and one of the first ideas we came up was using the famous apple advertisements to help use for my final project. We discussed taking a sarcastic approach to recreating these apple posters and advertisements so I started to research the different types of apple advertisements out there. I looked through and started brainstorming my own ideas on how I could link them to suggesting that that older people are being neglected in the advertising world so on Photoshop I started creating my initial ideas.

Android fmp

I used the Android logo to get across my message in my final project. I made the android look like an Old Person stereotype. I created the image by getting the Android logo by placing it in and also placing images of a walking stick and glasses and using free transform to change the size of the image to the size i wanted them. I also got the official Android logo and placed it into the image and used the font tool to write the motto ‘be together. not the same.’ I used the select tools to give the Android a cardigan with a pocket and handkerchief and also coloured in the trousers of the figure.


For this image i got the famous Coke advertisement and placed it into my photoshop document. This image didn’t require a lot of editing as i had to blur the names which were already on the Coke bottles so i made them the same colour of the red background using the smudge tool. I then had to search for fonts similar to the official Coke font which i downloaded from and texted into photoshop and moved onto the Coke bottles using the free transform tool.


I used these images to represent the Mcdonalds logo by placing it in the document. I then took away the existing motto and changed it to “I loved it” to suggest that older people can no longer enjoy it. I used the grayscale tool in the second image by selecting half the image. I decided that i much preferred the top image as i didn’t think the grayscale went as successfully as i first planned.

Football fmjFootball fmj  These are my Nike images where i downloaded images from the internet and placed them into the program. I downloaded fonts and then created the nike motto and changed the colour of the font. I used the paint tool to create the borders on the bottom image. I used the colour selection tool to get the exact gold that nike had used on some of their advertisements.

Old woman phoneOld woman phone 2 Old woman phone improved

These are the images that i created which play on the Apple advertisements for the iphone. I took the official Apple colour by using the eyedropper tool and got the image of the phone from the internet which i placed in the photoshop document. I also edited the official Apple logo by placing that image in the document and used the rubber tool to make the apple look rotten. Due to my primary research i took the advice from two of the people to include ‘The Older Generation’ and logo into one of the images which you can see i have made those amendments in the third image.

The new Notebook

Notebook 1

These are the images that i have used to create the poster based on the Macbook advertisement. I painted the background black and then got the image of a white shadow to replicate the techniques used in Apples advertisements. I then used the paint tool to create the notebooks with white paint. I also used the text tool to write all of the text on the pieces. I have decided to use the first image as i think it looks better.


For the background of this image i painted blue and got an image of foil and placed it into the image and turned the opacity right down so the background mimicked the wrapper of a Yorkie Bar. I placed the image of the Yorkie logo into the document and did the same with the Nestle logo. I used the selection and eraser tool to take the girl image from the caution sign and put the image of an old women in it instead.

Topman FMP Topman FMP 2

For this poster i got the image of an urban street i used grayscale but quick selected some of the elements of the image and kept them in colour. I also got the image of the old man and cut him out of the background image and placed him in the image. I also placed in the Topman logo and placed the font in the image. I decided to use the bottom image because i think it looked more presentable how the text was separated.


This is the JD image which i got images of the slippers, JD logo and tartan from the internet and placed into the document. I had to cut the person wearing the slippers by using the eraser and had change the opacity of the grey tartan pattern to give it more style. I wasn’t that keen on this design so decided not to use it as one of my final pieces.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 14.41.58

old apple

These are the final pieces that i created to mimic the advertisements used by apple to advertise their iPod product. I inserted the pictures by getting them off the internet and placing them into the piece to make it look like the official apple product. I then entered the text with the text tool and got the official apple advertisement and took the exact colour of blue by using the eyedropper tool.


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