Marketing and PR

What makes good marketing? 

There are many different ways to help when coming to the different marketing techniques when trying to gain vital information to try and be as successful as you can. Two of the main forms of marketing are Primary and Secondary Research. Below are examples of each of these methods.

Primary Research

  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Observation
  • Interviews

Secondary Research 

  • Website Research
  • Existing Market Research
  • Books


Sampling is the process we use to get the response from a group of people through surveying. You conduct your research within a small group which represents a larger group due to the types of people who are begin asked. This can be achieved by asking people who are different so the results you receive are unbiased and represent a larger group by having people of different ages, cultures/beliefs and locations etc. to partake in the survey. By conducting the survey in this fashion we get a good idea of the responses and pattern we could expect from a larger survey.

Case Study 

Product: New Sports Day
Strategy: 'A few adults and kids go go to play sports mid week at the recreation centre and wanted to create a new sports day. One of the male adults created a SurveyMonkey and posted the link to the survey on his Facebook and Twitter account.'

This is the case study i focused on when looking at an example of sampling. The case study was about using a survey to advertise a new sports day at the local centre. I looked at both the strengths and weaknesses of the sampling method used and also looked at the different ways i could improve their results.

One of the main strengths from this case study was that they were using different types of research methods to collect their results in Surveymonkey, Twitter and Facebook. There were a few problems with this case study as the sampling was all dependent on who read the Facebook and twitter posts which were from one man. This can mean that the results are biased due to the feedback will likely be coming from the same type of audience. There is a chance that the results will be coming from more males, and people from the same groups, age and maybe the location can alter the results. I would have improved the survey by gathering a variety of different audiences and using them rather than the audience being based on the followers or friends of that one person.

Questioning Styles

You can construct your survey to get the results that you want to obtain due to your questioning style. Below are some of the examples of questioning that can be included in surveys.

Questioning Style : Word Association / Sentence Completion

“If i could pick one presents to receive for my birthday it would be ……………….”

This questioning style is a way of stopping people from preventing to tell their try opinions and feelings. It also provoke a quick and directed answer.

Questioning Style : Likert Scale Questioning

“Surveying is a reliable and trusted method of Primary Research. Do you (a) strongly agree, (b) agree, (c) don’t know, (d) disagree, (e) strongly disagree?”

Gives you an idea on how strongly someone agrees or disagrees on a statement.

Questioning Style : Rank order Questioning 

“Please rank the following in order to what you look for when viewing a college.

(a) Choice of Courses (b) Cleanliness (c) Location

(d) Friendliness (e) The Food / Canteen

Gives a sense to the importance people hold to certain aspects of the subject and helps get the finer details.

My Obstacles

Which projects will you be displaying?

For my section of the exhibition i have decided that all of my work will be focused around my creative pieces that I have had during my college course. One of the main pieces I wanted to include in my exhibition is my final major project. This is a good way to show all of my strengths as the final major project shows all of my interests and create what I believe is my best work. I also want to include my front pages of the newspapers for a couple of my units. One is the war reporting article where I used InDesign to create a front page to hold my Syria article. In this unit I show a good balance between my writing and design skills which I think would be very good to showcase. I will also include my photography unit as I would like to make my stand very appealing and attractive to the viewers by making it visual. Also if I can get a screen I would like to display my documentary by playing in the background. My travel or piece will also be displayed as it is one of the creative pieces in which I am really proud of and shows that I can use different softwares and will show my creative writing.

By showcasing these pieces of work, I am showing a lot of my skills and the skills I want to carry on in further education. All of these show that I am comfortable with different types of programmes and work successfully in each.

Does your display have a theme?

I have decided that I do not want a specific theme in my display. As mentioned before, I want to give my section a media feel so the viewers get a sense straight away of the type of work that I am displaying and will be visually drawn in and will help me talk about my pieces of work which are want to keep producing in the future.

Do you have additional visuals or sound planned?
If a laptop or television screen are a possibility then I will want to be playing my documentary in the background of my exhibition. The documentary will have the sound of the songs playing to go with my piece and also there will be visuals of which I have filmed about different types of advertisement. I plan to use a lot of visuals from pieces of my work such as from my photography units, InDesign units where I have created front page newspapers and my traveller piece which is another graphical piece.

What market research will you complete?

For my market research I will complete questionnaires and surveys to get feedback from the public about the most successful way to showcase my work at the exhibition. I will also use the internet to find the best ways to run an exhibition so I can make sure that my exhibition is successful and will be a good way of showing my work. I will also look for books on this subject which may help when setting up my exhibition.

What strengths will you look to make the most of and how?
I will look to make my creative and design skills the strength of my exhibition which is why I have included most of my visually appealing pieces which will be the main focus point of my section.

What weaknesses will you need to overcome and how?

I think one of the main weaknesses that I have and will need to overcome is my confidence when speaking to the viewers. During the course I have strengthened my public speaking skill so much as it was an area I was very poor in at the start of my education here which I would say affected some of the units in my learning. For the end of year exhibition I think it is a good indication to how far i have come with my public speaking skills.

What obstacles outside of your control will you need to get around and how?
One of the main problems I may encounter when coming to doing my exhibition one of the main obstacles that I will need to work around is money. We will have a budget to the amount we are allowed to spend on our separate stands so if I needed more equipment in order to showcase our work that may not be a possibility due to the budgets we have. Another obstacle would be not having a television screen or computer screen to show my documentary on. I would really like to show off my documentary in the background but it may not be a possibility to use a laptop or television screen which would hinder my exhibition.

What range of materials will you use to market the exhibition and your work?
I will need a number of materials in order to showcase my work such as the foam boards in which I will attach my images from my photography unit and my final major project posters to make them look more presentable and more professional. I will also need to have wooden screens to display these images on the board so they will be upright for the viewers to easily see.

What is the marketing ‘message’ for your individual exhibition stand and how will you communicate it effectively?

My marketing message for my exhibition is “Design with Expression, creativity and style” as I feel it portrays my work and stand quite well. The message says that the work I am showing is very creative and have meanings such as the my FMP focusing on how the elderly are perhaps being neglected in the media world and my photography shows nature taking over from man for examples. I will communicate this message by asking and getting feedback from these pieces from the viewers to see if they are seeing the styles in which I present my work.

How I will advertise my exhibition

I will advertise my section of the exhibition mainly using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. I will create messages advertising that i will be present at the said exhibition and make a link to the Facebook page created by Fiona in the Design section. I will also send Tweets on Twitter, again advertising my section of the exhibition and linking the college to my tweet and using the name of the exhibition as a hashtag. I will send these to my whole feeds so everyone that i have on Facebook and Twitter will be able to see the message and therefore will be able to attend the exhibition.

I will also create some documents with one being flyers. I have had experience in creating flyers in the past so have decided to create them myself in which i will include all the information i want on them by using Photoshop. I will include the exhibition logo that myself and Jared Squires created and also all of the details about my stall in the exhibition. This will include writing down all of the content that i will be showcasing like photography, documentary and written pieces etc. I will also note down my details such as my email address and social media accounts so the viewers can look at my online presence giving them the option to contact me through my contact details. I will also use the business cards that i have created and hand them out at the exhibition to the people who visit my stall in which they can take with them and contact me if they want to or look at my online portfolios on Twitter and Instagram.

I will also use the identity that i have started to use which is “ADTS Media” which i will use on my Exhibition and will also include on my business cards and flyers which will link the Instagram and twitter accounts which go under the same name “ADTS Media” and start to build this business.

Pixel Design

“Pixel Design is an award winning design studio focusing on graphic design, web design and online marketing with clients in the arts, education and not-for-profit sectors. Based in Dublin, Our first colony, Pixel Design was established in 2006.”


I researched into this brand and looked at how they have used business cards to give me an idea of how they have used this tactic to try and attract customers. The card clearly has the logo and company name very clear on the front with the slogan “Imagine your dreams.” It consists of the name and position of the person supplying them and also the contact numbers and the internet site for the graphic designer. I will emulate this design but include my social media accounts on the card.

pixel road designs

This was another company that i looked at when thinking about marketing ideas.

This is an extract taken from their site

“We provide start to finish Infographic creation, logo design, internal documentation, and social media graphics, at a higher quality and lower price.”


Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 14.09.51

This is an example of the Tweets that this media company send out. I looked through their tweets to give me an idea on how to advertise my exhibition which has been helpful. They mainly use Twitter to create an audience for their online presence by sharing popular and interesting links and also showcasing some of their work that they have produced for clients.


Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 14.14.50

This is a screenshot taken from their Facebook page and the company use it in a very familiar fashion to their Twitter account. They use it to increase their brand awareness through their online presence. They advertise their business by doing this and also include links to their website showing the services they offer.

Looking at these websites have made me realise that i want to make my brand clear and presentable which customers will know with the type of business are dealing with straight away. I have a clear idea of what i want to include with my business card to make it look professional and give the customers a feel that my company is dealing with graphic design.


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