Personal Statement

A career in the media industry has always interested me because i feel it is the field that matches to my strengths the most. Throughout my educational years i have shown a lot of enthusiasm for for both Information Technology and English subjects, and by choosing this route, i feel i am choosing a career which is a mixture of the both. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course i am currently studying at West Cheshire College and have especially enjoyed the projects which have involved creative writing and media such as graphic design.

An example of a section of the work i enjoyed was having to create an article focusing on the Syrian Conflicts and more specifically Syria’s silent stance in the media of the war. After writing the whole article and choosing the specific images to accompany my article i took up the task of creating a mock front page spread by using InDesign. Another of the units which i highly enjoyed during my time at the college was the photography section of the course. Our task was to create a subject and take photographs which conveyed our chosen focus. In my case, i chose to show in a collection of images how nature is taking over from man which i travelled to try and get pictures to get the best results in my project. I portrayed this message through aspects such as rust on the Duke of Lancaster ship which is currently docked in North wales and weeds overgrowing abandoned overgrowing farming equipment. After taking the images i edited them via Photoshop to bring out the full effects of the images and wrote with them talking about how i took the images and the ways which i edited them.

To accompany my college course I have also been partaking in the running of sports journalism websites via social media sites such as WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. This has included trying to gain an audience on each of these social media sites in attempt to attract a following for The Sports Line which is the name of the website. I am mainly promoting the website through twitter by trying to get the attention of Twitter users by sharing popular sports related content such as images and vines etc. which are proving popular in today’s online sports journalism. I have also produced content for the The Sports Line such as creating the Logo for the company which is currently being used for the mentioned social media accounts. I have also used Photoshop to create images to go with the website such as a title image for the Twitter and Facebook sites consisting of many of the worlds most famous sports stars and logo which instantly gives the viewers a sense of the content our site will produce. I have also created images for a growing rugby site called ‘In The Loose’ to a company articles by using Facebook.

More work I have done aside from the college course has been producing leaflets for my father who works for AFP Partnership to advertise their services. I designed the leaflet using the company’s house style and logo which made the leaflet look professional which would give the receiver a good first impression of the company. These leaflets were then handed out to advertise the companies services. Having first hand experience on the advertising side of media has made me realise that this is the career route I have chosen to follow as it is the route I most enjoy and feel that I am most successful at and I am really looking forward show my capabilities through my future work in advertising.


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