Portfolio And Career Development

Personal Development

Personal development is the cooperation in the workplace attempting to understand more about their working environment and looking for ways to try and improve. I looked at how i could develop my personal skills and looked at the skills i am currently good at and the skills i feel i need to improve on in the work place.

One of my main strengths is using photoshop after i have had a few years experience using this program and have purposefully been developing my skills with this program because it will help me with my future career involving graphic design. In my college work i have usually chosen to present my work in visual form as i enjoy using the programmes i have strengths in to get my points across. I have made sure i am progressing my photoshop skills by using it outside of college for my individual uses such as creating imagery for independent sports websites and creating images to accompany friends websites.

Another program that i used and felt that i was successful at was Indesign when i was creating a newspaper front page for a Syrian article i had constructed. Feedback from my tutor helped me improve my InDesign skills in which i took his advice which helped me when i came to creating my final product. I haven’t used the program much after this project so i have set myself the target to use it a little bit more in future projects and catch up on it in my free time to keep me up to date with the program.

Apart from my strengths, i have identified skills on which i feel i need to improve upon. One of the main skills that i need to improve on is Microsoft Illustrator as i have not used it much and have often opted to using photoshop to complete my work. This means that i am not too familiar with the program and will make sure that i will try to use it for my future projects. I will become more familiar with Illustrator which will help me be more adaptable with different programs which will help me when going down my career route. More weaknesses include not thoroughly checking my work after completion and making the necessary points. This can lead to errors in the pieces of work I have submitted or that I have missed out some detail I could have added to add to my points for example.

I have thought about how i am  going to maintain my workflow as a freelance worker. I currently working on a site called The Sports Line which i am generating content for and assisting the general running of the site which will help me build my personal portfolio. I am currently trying to increase the traffic of the site by using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to gather an audience. I am currently doing this by posting content which would appeal to the likely audience of the site. The Sports Line covers all of the largest sports all over the world including Football, Basketball, F1 etc. so I am constantly trying to find new content to put on the social media to get the attention of the viewers and raise awareness of our upcoming site. I am also putting my programme skills to use such as Photoshop by creating images to apply to these social media sites or to put in articles or posts submitted by The Sports Line. I will also keep producing content for other sites such as a rugby website called In The Loose where I have used my Photoshop skills to produce images to accompany articles written by the website which is currently receiving an increasing amount of views and growing In popularity.

I plan to keep up building my personal portfolio and improving my online presence to try and get my name out there and pick up contract work. I will do this by continuing my hobbies such as photography by keep updating my personal Flickr which ties into the creative aspects of my future career route. I will look to go into photography more than I currently am as it is something I enjoy a lot and is a subject that I think will come In use in my professional career and could even open more pathways. I will look to set up a professional Instagram account and start publishing more photos on there. By doing this I will also add to my personal portfolio which I can show to future employers and will show my interests through my work.

As mentioned before, i will keep up to date with different technology to give me the best chances of performing to the best of my ability in my chosen career path. I think one of the main points to maintaining my flow is to work effectively when I achieve freelance work and work to the highest of my ability and show the work I am capable to achieve. Performing well at placements can help when looking for jobs or even help securing a permanent role at the company.

When working in Freelance there are some threats I need to consider which many based around financial problems. I will have a lack of funds being a student and looking for employment. I will need to consider how I will be able to afford costs such as possibly any new technology needed to help me work in the industry and if I needed programmes such as Photoshop to help me produce my work. Working in Freelance I will need to consider having to be flexible about where I work as I need the jobs and experience I can get. This could effect me financially if I have to think about travel costs or perhaps even accommodation costs and generally living. There will also be performance threats as I will have to work to my full ability to keep of any rival threats looking for freelance work.

Professional CV
Proffesional CV

I had quite good feedback regarding my professional CV many commenting on how neat the piece looked after I had boxed the sections of the CV. The colour schemes were also complemented on making it look professional and showed that I am creative when it comes to producing a piece of work. Despite the positive comments I also received hints on how I could improve this document which I will take on board when I improve my CV. One of the main problems with this product was that I haven’t really said in the text of the CV which area of the industry I want to go in specifically which was a really valid point. It was also pointed out that in the texts of the CV I haven’t really talked about my self in a personal manner other than talking strictly talking about how I’d directly effect a business working environment.

 Business Card

business card
I got people to critically analyse my business card and thepicedback I got will really help when I update and start using it as my personal business card. One of the main points, like with the CV, is that I haven’t specifically identified the field I want to work in which is a very important factor of the business card. Another point about my business card is that it didn’t follow the design of my CV which is another good construction point which will help me create my own personal house style so customers may be able to recognise my service when its being offered.

For an example of a job search I would carry out when looking for freelance work I went onto job finding website Indeed. On the website I just searched for “Freelance Graphic Designer” and set the location to be near from where I will be working from. This search gave me results of jobs based near my location with direct links to Graphic Design.


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