Working Freelance

I have reached the final stages of an interview for the Media Company called Vice and hope to be awarded one of their freelance positions available to work for their exciting and cutting edge media projects. First of all I need to realise what is required of somebody working in the freelance in creative media industry and how i should approach that role. This is essential for those who are looking to be employed in a permanent role in their specialist sector. These sectors cover a large area in creative media industries such as film, television, radio, journalism, photography and many more examples. Also this can include jobs within these sectors such as being a director, programmer, writer, producer etc. giving an insight into all the fields one can pursue. There are also specialists for these roles which include sound engineers, social media, war reporters, food and drink and so many more examples. Ahead of my interview, i had decided  that the aspect i chose to specialise in would be within the entertainment sector, working in graphic design in the television field.

Working in a freelance position can be very hard and challenging career route due to the unforgiving nature of working in freelance however, it can also be very rewarding when successful and a pleasant working environment and lifestyle which is why i payed close attention to the resources that i needed my specialism to be successful. Because my career route is through to graphic design, i would find that i need costs to enable me to work on my media projects for Vice. This can work out to be expensive as i am likely to need high performance computers, the programming needed to create my graphical designs such as professional versions of Photoshop and InDesign etc,  image capture technologies such as cameras and video recorders which are an expensive demand when i have not been earning a constant wage. Although most of my work would be best through technology, i would also need other materials such as pens handwriting paper to assist me with my work which would be vital. I also need to consider the workspace that i may require for creating my work which may mean renting office space which again add to the costs of working inside this media sector. As mentioned in the previous text, all the resources i may need when working in this role will come at a cost which is not ideal in freelance sector but these are all vital for creating my work pieces. An often overlooked factor are time and personal life. Working in freelance, it is sometimes hard to balance freelance work and ones personal life and finding the time to fit both in adding to the demanding nature of working freelance.

When in a working environment i think professionalism is extremely important. One of the most important matters is reliability and working efficiently. This way the standards of your work will be high and will please contractors which could help secure permanent rolls in the media sector similar to this are deadlines which should always be met. This is all part of time management which is vital in the workplace. This is very important because it will keep you working at a successful rate which one again increase the standards of work and will assure that deadlines will be met. Also i think it is very important to maintain a good business relationship with those around you such as your employers and employees whilst maintaining a professional approach equating to a good working environments which will show in the work. Presentation skills are a good sign of professionalism in many ways like communication amongst your colleagues etc as it is important to maintain a professional approach and be clear meaning good speaking presentation skills. I feel presentation skills can also mean appearance so keeping a dress code by looking smart and presentable in the workplace is showing that you are a professional.

Health and Safety aspects are to be considered too when working freelance to make sure one can work efficiently. This work is very important to your everyday living life so taking care of yourself is vital. This can include avoiding injury or illness diet and exercise. This can simply be in the work place, working in an unsafe work are can lead to the injury of ones self meaning they may be without a salary for a period of time which is far from ideal. It would be a good idea to get insurance in case of these events avoiding leaving yourself having to live without an income whilst out of work. This can also apply to stress which could affect mentally forcing you to stop working. This can be avoided by taking holidays/ planning time off.

I have researched the type of contract one can work under in the following list:

Full Time, Permanent – full time employment is where a person is indicated to work a minimum number of hours which was decided by the employer. full time employment can benefit the employee by the allowance health insurance and sick leave etc.

Part time – this is employment which consists i’ve lost hours than full time employment. If the employee works less than 30 no 35 hours a week they are considered as a part time worker.

Fixed Term and Freelance – fixed term is where the contract ends after a fixed amount of time. This could be but the contract ends on a agreed date what after the completion of a task.

Shift Work – this is where groups of workers rotate set periods throughout the day usually carrying out the same type of work. This is more common for repetitive tasks where work takes place around the clock.

Office Hours – this type of contract is the working between a set period of time typically working 9 to 5 but can differ. whilst working office time you can get overtime payment however not under time.

Irregular and anti-social hours pay – this is the working of an employee at night commonly between the hours 11 p.m. 6 a.m. An agreement must be in writing, the night shift must be 7 hours long.

Salaried – A salaried contract is the revision of your goals and accomplishments that the past year and set some agreed goals for the coming year and meeting these goals may i help you earn a higher raise which company may be able to offer.

On completion – An on completion contracts is the agreed terms of the contract ending when a project or task has been completed.

I also have to familiarise myself with terms of a contract. The terms of a contract can include common sense, standard commercial practice and past performance. All of these mentioned are implied when agreeing a contract as they are expected of the employee. The terms of the contract can also state ways in which the contract in hand. A contract can be ended if the employee is not performing how they should. The termination of a contract can also be down to mutual agreement where both parties agree that they no longer want to see out the rest of the contract. Although rare, contract can end due to frustration. This is where obligations of one or more of the parties become impossible to perform there for the ending of the contract. A contract can end when one of the parties declare bankruptcy which will automatically end the contract. A contract can also end where are unfair an unequal agreement have been set in place this can include pressured agreements or where performances have not been made or the employer has not acted professionally towards the employee. This could also be resulted in the breach of a contract or mistakes or rescission. When agreeing a contract, both parties have circumstances they will need to consider. These include costing and budgets, scheduling, subcontracting, copyright, risk management and intellectual property.

I will need to work out how I will manage myself financially after looking at how much it would cost for me to start working in freelance. With all of the equipment such as computers and programming, with office space and other working materials I know money would need to be raised for this to become a possibility. Money would be put towards financing all my needs from self funding after previous contract payments however the money raised would still not be enough. I would apply to take out a sufficient bank loan. I would improve my credit history and gather examples of my last contracting jobs to improve my chance of the bank granting me a loan. Also creating a clear business plan would improve the chances of the bank giving me a loan. My business plan will state my intentions with the business, the products and services the business will provide, how products are accessed and my business approach to pricing the products.


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