Social Media questionnaires

I decided to ask two people questions about their opinions of social media and get them to tell me if they think social media is a positive or negative. I decided to ask two different people, one who uses social media for personal use and another who mainly uses social media to help assist promoting their website.

I decided to ask someone who is currently studying at university. I chose this person because they are around students all the time and will have an idea of how students use social media and the benefits it has on these people.

1, Do you use social media for personal use?
Answer- “Yes! I use Facebook daily to communicate with friends and people on my course. We often organise work on facebook”

2, How often do you use social media?
Answer-“I use it daily , about several times a day mainly to check up on friends”

3, Do you think social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are safe to use?
Answer-“i think they put in enough measures to secure your information. Its controlled by you, you choose what to say and you can control what people see.”

4, Do social media sites have a beneficial or detrimental effect on teenagers?
Answer-“Beneficial because its a form of expressing yourself. They can put opinions on twitter and stuff. As for negatives, the security measures are there to stop stuff such as cyber bullying.”


For information how social media can be used in business i chose David Nicoll who is currently managing a sports website. I chose this person because i know that he uses social media to help promote his website and he will have an idea on the positives and negatives of social media for businesses.

1, Do you use social media to help promote your website?
Answer- “i am always using social media to help direct traffic to my website. I mainly use twitter because attaching links is simple and there is a large sports journalism following on twitter. I also use Reddit.”

2, How do you use social media to assist your website?
Answer-“i use twitter to directly send the links on my feed, i also use the help of others to tell people of my website like friends and other sports journalist accounts. I find twitter very handy!”

3, Do you think social media is a necessity for a business/company?
Answer-“i think companies have to use social media. You need to get audiences and customers from wherever you can. Social media has proved to be so popular over the recent years and really is a great way to advertise your business or website. I really do believe social media is the way to go when promoting something.”

4, Have you come across any negatives from using social media for businesses?
Answer-“Not any concerning negatives. One of the things that annoys me is when you sometimes get spam messages on twitter but that doesn’t happen all the time.”

Answer analysis


After asking the questions I found that this person was for social media. She told me that it has helped her with university work which I hadn’t considered before carrying out this interview. She gave me her opinions about the security of the social media sites which made me understand that  security and privacy measures are there on the social media sites and it is up to the users to use them or not.


This interview gave me an understanding on how companies would take social media as being a positive in the business world. I learnt how much of an impact social media can make to a business which he has learnt first hand.    In his opinion businesses should have a presence on social media and claims that  social media is the way to go nowadays.


Although i got informative answers on social media from these people, i got fairly biased answers who mainly only saw social media as being a positive in both personal and business opinions. To change this, i will ask more people or ask someone who is likely to have more of a negative opinion of social media so i will get more of a balanced opinion in my primary research.


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