Big Ideas Research Log

My Website Idea

My website idea is to use QR codes to help link peoples social media and personal details the website being called Quick Reach. One of the main feelings people might think about this idea is that it may invade peoples privacy, however access to these peoples accounts can be restricted to the use of QR codes.

As the Social Media world keeps on expanding, privacy is becoming a problem in todays world mainly with a younger audience. If used properly, this should help any concerns people will have with the social media sites as it is restricted through the use of QR codes. Another use of QR codes are that it opens a window in selling merchandise for the website.

I have been thinking of ideas to help gaining money from the site. One of the many ideas were selling phone accessories such as phone cases which have the persons QR code on them. Another idea could be selling stickers with peoples individual QR codes on them. The users can stick these on to what they desire which others can scan and get their contact numbers, email addresses and social media accounts. These ideas will help peoples social presence more accessible by simply scanning a code on their phone.

After mainly talking about using this system for personal use, it would also be used for business whose customers can scan the code and have immediate access to all of their details such as phone number, store locations, opening times and also have links to their social media accounts. Businesses are using social media more and more and i would hope to capitalise on this growth by coming up with this idea which will give customers the ability to access their whole online presence with a scan of a code. I find for the above reasons that businesses would be interested in my idea as all of their online presence will be displayed on one page.

As mentioned, my two main audiences will be people using it for personal use and companies using it to enhance their business through the internet.


This internet article shows the ways in which QR codes can be used to assist social media. this is a direct link to my idea so it will give me a sense of how i am to approach using QR codes to assist my website.


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