photojournalism – Edited Images

Ship Panoramic

This is a picture i took in Flint of the Duke of Lancaster currently docked near Mostyn Docks. This picture shows the ship slowly being taken over by nature. I Desaturated some of the image and left parts in colour to show the rust on the ship. The rust shows that nature is taking over from a man made object . I also upped the vibrance to make the graffiti on the ship and the blue from the river. I did this originaly by selecting the quick selection tool and selecting the parts of the image that i wanted to keep in colour. After selecting all these parts, i desaturated the rest of the image which gave more a less the effect you can see in the image now. This is when i upped the vibrance to bring out the rust and the blue in the picture.


I found this piece of farmers equipment abandoned in the middle of the countryside in wales. I like the was plants are growing over and around the tractor attachment showing that nature is starting to take over. I didn’t edit the image because felt that it didn’t need it and wanted to keep the image as it is.


I took this image of a poster in Liverpool when we went on a college trip there. I used the selection tool again to select all of the areas around the poster such as the walls, trees etc. and desaturated the background colours. I then selected all of the colours from the poster and used the vibrance tool to make the orange colour stand out showing how nature has taken over this object. By looking at the poster you can tell that nature has taken over where the wind has ripped up the material. I like the contrast between the wall and the orange of the poster and in my opinion makes the image look quite urban.


This image was taken at an abandoned mill in wales and is taken looking up a tunnel. I started editing this image by going to image and setting auto tone, contrast and colour to make the image less dark so the cobwebs would be easier to see and the light from the top of the chimney is more clear which i also slightly increased the saturation. The light coming from the top makes it look like the the daylight is starting to take over the man made object (chimney) and the cobwebs also show this as it looks like they are starting taking over.

Abandoned Tyre

This is an image i took in Ness of an old abandoned tractor tyre. I used the curves tool on Photoshop to get my desired look which i feel helps assist the abandoned feel of the image. I again increased the vibrance to bring out the moss growing on the tyre and bring out the twigs and branches growing inside of it. The tyre looks as if it is being taken over by the ground with all the leaves surrounding and growing around it. The moss growing on top also give that affect which fits into my project idea nicely.

Overgrown Scooter

This image was taken in wales of an abandoned scooter which was left at the bottom of a bank. I increased the vibrance of the image to bring out the greenness of the grass and the moss and dirt on the scooter itself. After increasing the vibrance i decided that i still wanted the moss to stand out more so i used the curves tool to do this which gave me the look i wanted. It looks like the scooter is decaying into the ground which gives me the look i wanted.

Abandoned Building edited

This is an abandoned outhouse that i took a picture of in wales. I upped the vibrance so you can see the plantation growing on the bricks showing that nature is slowly overtaking. The structure also looks like it has been affected by wind again showing how nature has impacted on a man made object.

Abandoned mansion

This picture is of an abandoned mansion in wales which is shown as being overtaken by nature after walls have been destroyed, plants growing inside and around the building and the trees covering the house. I edited this image by using the curve tool which has made the picture look more abandoned and dark which is a look i like.


This was a picture i took in Wales of an abandoned farm. I liked this image because the farm looked like it had just been completely left and was quite eerie which i tried to show in the picture. I attempted this by making desaturating the picture which gave it that look which replicated the farm when i saw it. The tiles on the roof blown off by the wind show where nature has taken over linking it to my project idea.

Photography Evaluation

After coming up with my final images i am happy with the pictures I have produced. I think the main strengths of my images are that they clearly show that Nature is overtaking from man that is the theme of my project. I edited most of the pictures using Photoshop to make these features of the image stand out which is showing this. When taking the pictures I travelled distances to improve my opportunities of photos that will show this that was quite tricky. Northern Wales was a good area to be looking, as I knew a bit about the area and the likelihood of finding places that fit my project are improved.

There were main types of potential images I was looking out for which where grass growing up or over object, buildings/images affected by wind and lighting etc. and I am happy with the images I took in the final copy because I feel they represent this well. One of my favourite images and main image in my final designs is the docked Duke of Lancaster ship in Flint. I really like this one because I like the mix between the colours where I have edited such as the saturated parts of the image and picking out the rust and blue in the picture. I also like how the picture fades in and out of colour as the image goes along.

If I were to redo this project I would probably have tried to gather more images than what I took which I was happy with. I was quite restricted due to not being able to travel very far distances that didn’t help when I found a place I could take a picture of. I would also have liked to get more pictures of abandoned objects such as a car, which was my aim, but I couldn’t find any. I tried looking on forums etc. online but couldn’t find anything.


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