Open journalism

Last night police confirmed the death of Dr David Black who sustained multiple wounds under suspicious circumstances inside his own home in Wilmslow Manchester. The police located the body at around 9:30 they are unable to conclude who it was that committed the murder but they have detained a number of people who were in attendance of Dr Black’s party that evening.

The police released a statement late yesterday which consisted of the names of the people that are currently being investigated Mrs White, Mr Green, Mrs Peacock, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard. Police have asked anyone to come forward with any information they may have regarding the situation with hints that none of the suspects in custardy have admitted any role they may have had in the the murder.

A team of forensic scientists came into the murder scene shortly after the confirmation of Dr. Blacks death and found a number of potential weapons that could have caused the death. The weapons included a candlestick, a dagger, a led pipe, a firearm (thought to be a Dreyse M1907), a rope and a spanner. These weapons have now been taken in for examining but the forensic scientists have an idea of which weapon was used to take Dr Blacks life.

After these stories were release by various news outlets yesterday, people have taken to the internet using Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook adding their opinion on this matter. From the media stories and police statements it seems that Colonel Mustard is the main suspect and the one who many think killed Dr Black due to his military history and that a weapon was found on the scene. People jumped to the defence of Colonel Mustard  using Social Media stating that “Colonel Mustard is a genuine nice person” and that “no gunshots were heard that evening.”


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