Unit 1 interview

Do you like the college building?

“Yes!, it looks very modern and it is nicely laid out. I find it very easy to find myself around the college due to its simple design. It looks amazing from both the inside and outside and i am enjoying myself here.”

Do you like the location of the building?

“I don’t like the fact that the college isn’t the most accessible to get to. However, due to ellesmere port centre being so close the location of the college is handy for going into the town and getting lunch or stationary for my course.”

What is your opinion on the facilities within the College?

“Yes they are very accommodating to what you want to do. I have found it handy to have a little shop so i can purchase stuff when i want to. I cant comment on the cafe and restaurants as i tend not to use them”

Do you like the equipment/technology in the college?

“I think the equipments very high tech, lots of updated macs and computers. I also find it handy that you can rent out equipment such as cameras and microphones which will help assist with my work.”

Do you find the people within the College friendly?

“The staff are great, very friendly and very helpful. From my experiences so far, all of the students have been very friendly which has made me feel settled at the college.”

And finally, do you think that the College is appealing to younger students?

“Definately, as they have plenty of upgraded equipment such as macs and the facilities are more appealing to what we are normally used to with high school such as having a costa in the building.


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