Unit 1 Pre Production

Pre Production before the interview 

To try and get the most successful answers to my interview i will make sure i spend time into the pre production part of my work process to improve the results from my questionnaire. There will be many different aspects to the pre production which i will cover below.


I needed to think about the person who i am going to interview. Because i have decided to cover the interviewees opinion of the college and its surrounding i thought it would be best if i asked a student who is currently studying at the college. By asking a student of the college i will get answers which include personal and first hand opinions which would be better for my article.  The answers which i get will be more precise and a student of the college will have the most knowledge about the questions i will answer. Because the interviewee will be a student of the college, i will need to consider that they will not always be available as they will have work to do so i will have to organise the time in which the interview will take place.  The location of the interview will be important for the interview as i will have to make sure that the place will be both accessible to myself and the interviewee which is most likely to be within the college (more about the location in the location part of pre production).


I will make sure that a choose a suitable location in which the interview will take place.  The location i choose must be accessible to me as the interviewer and the person who i am interviewing. Because the interviewee is a student of the college it will be most suitable to take place inside a quiet room inside the college. I will choose a quiet room so that neither myself or the interviewee will not be distracted whilst the interview is in progress so that we will both be concentrated on the interview.  I will decide who i am going to interview and will decide on where we are going to carry out the interview.


The main pieces of equipment i’ll need will be a notepad of paper and a pen in which i will write the questions and record my answers on. I have mainly chosen to record the interview this way as i want my article to be a piece which can be easily read without having to play a video or listening to a recording. Also to accompany my article i wanted pictures of the college which are relevant to the story of the article. Because i have decided to use pictures with my piece i will need to rent out a camera and take pictures of the college for myself. I’ll choose to take out a camera which will produce good quality images which will give my article more of a professional look. I have also prepared the interview in which i plan to ask the interviewee.


For the production of my article, i need to think about the time i will use in creating my piece. Firstly i have to consider the the time in which i have been given to complete my article in which the deadline is Wednesday15th October. I have constructed a time schedule on my IOS calendar which will help me organise all of the things i have to do in the run up of producing the article such as the time i need the camera for and how long i am allowed to keep it for. I have taken to account the amount of time will be needed to carry out my primary research (the interview) and how long the interviewee will be available for also it will take time gathering secondary research about the college so i can include the information within my article. And finally the time taken to create and produce the article will be considered, i will give myself plenty of time to make sure i am happy with the article and that it is at a suitable standard.


As i have a very low budget i don’t need to think a lot about the amount of money i need to creat my article. The only time i will be spending will be on paper and pens to record the interview. The camera that i will be renting will come at no cost.


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