Unit 1 Pre Production Tv News Item

Tv News Item

For this section i have decided to study the pre production steps ITV News will take to create their Tv news show.


An import factor that ITV News will decide beforehand will be the actual structure of the programme. This will include the amount of time they will spend on the introduction and the time spent on each piece of news they read out. ITV will also need to work on the images being used which will be gathered beforehand, video clips they will use and the sound used throughout out the show. Before publishing this media, the copyright will need to be verified as you don’t want to be using media which cannot be used for copyright reasons.


One of the main steps ITV will take before producing their show will be deciding who will be presenting. They will need to determine who will read the individual news items being covered such as someone who will be reading the weather forecasts and they will pick the most skilled people for the roles. Along with the people on the show, ITV will also pick who they want interviewed on the program and will need to pan that in advance before airing the show.


ITV will need to get the relevant equipment to film and capture the interviews before the show. ITV will mainly pre record a lot of the material rather than airing live interviews etc. which will require them renting, buying the correct equipment. Because of ITV being a TV show a lot of their recorded material will be film based so the relevant camera will be needed to create the material they need. They will pick the cameras which will perform the best to their budget so they will capture their footage at a professional standard which will be fit to air on tv.  Other equipment will include microphones which will help capture the audio needed to accompany  the filming or audio clips for the show.Accessories may be needed with this equipment such as tripods to keep the equipment still whilst recording the image/sound.


In pre production ITV news will need to take locations into account as they need to decide where interviews/live broadcastings will take place. When interviewing, they will need to determine where they will carry out the interview and that preferable will be in a quieter place where background noise will be avoided and a place which will be suited to the person being interviewed and ITV.  On ITV’s live broadcasts the location will be set at the point of interest to the news story giving the audience first hand experience of the situation.


ITV will make sure that spend their time wisely in their pre producing process as their news show relies on time as it is being broadcasted live. They have a set time in which they have already pre recorded videos to included in the show so live broadcasts will be harder to keep a time track of.  The separate stories will have deadlines in which they are to be completed by in order to fit in the time schedule of the program. The availability of personnel could also affect the time in the pre production process and how long they are available for.


ITV will plan the amount of money which will be available and needed to spend on the ITV news show. ITV will consider the money being spent buying/hiring and running facilities such as studios and the price of equipment such as cameras and microphones will be considered in pre productions. Other costs include the cost of transport for crew members to where they will carry interviews, the costs of hiring the crew members to get the stories and to carry out the interviews or live broadcasts.


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