Unit 1 Pre Production Radio Show


Radio Show

When creating a radio show there are many pre production steps you should consider taking which will help your Interview be more effective. The pre production will differ between different media types and will each require their own individual pre production steps to creat a successful piece. The Radio Show i have chosen to focus on the pre productions they have used is TalkSport. Talk Sport is a radio show which produces all of the current matters in the world of sport hosting a number of journalists talking about these topics.


One of the first things to consider when creating their broadcasts are the stories they are going to run on the show. They will do this by carrying out research of all the hot topics in sport at the moment, topics which will draw people to listen to their show. They will also find different journalists that they can invite on to the show to talk about these matters which will help give more depth into their stories. They will specifically choose these journalists which they feel will widen the knowledge, and maybe journalists who are specialists in these fields. A long with the topics they will cover, they will need to decide how much time should be allotted to these subjects and even the order in which they come on the radio show and also determine the the content of the broadcast such as the stories being run, any images or videos being used and the audio being used in the show. They may feel that they should start the show with the most in demand stories and allow more time for these stories than the less significant stories which will help retain the listeners interest.
As well as different journalists featuring on the show, TalkSport will also plan if they want to interview any professionals. This will require deciding who they want to give the interview, the location they want it to be carried out and the date and time the interview will take place and the availability of the person which are being interviewed. They will also consider the equipment they will need to take to gather the audio/film of the interview. A lot of research will be taken in the production of the pre produced scripts, they prepare the questions so they get the answers they want, they gather facts and statistics to discuss with the interviewee and if there are any question you should avoid to prevent upsetting/ angering the person being interviewed.


TalkSport will need to consider the equipment needed to be taken to carry out the interview which could be a microphone. A microphone could be needed to record the voice of the interviewee which will later be edited to suit the purposes of the show before they can upload it onto TalkSport. It will also need to be considered the type of microphones that will be taken to get the best quality of sound for the interview and the quantity of microphones needed to record all of the people considering the amount of interviewer(s) and the interviewee(s).

The interviewers of TalkSport will also take cameras to record the footage from the interview. TalkSport will decide on the type and quality of the camera they will take as they may need to take a video of the interviewer and the person who is being interviewed. It is also possible that many different angles are wanted meaning that even more cameras are required. Any accessories to help with the camera may be required such as a tripod to help steady the camera to where you need the camera to be.If the interview is going to be filmed you may need to evaluate the location and time and decide wether you need to use a form of lighting. Using lighting will help avoid filming in locations which are dark subsequently effecting the quality of the filming/images.


TalkSport will need to consider their budget when producing their radio show. First of all they will need to find the source of the finance and find out the budget allocated towards the media production. TalkSport will need to find out the amount they are allowed to spend so they can work within the money they are allowed to spend.

Many different factors help make up the budget  such as having to pay the  crew to carry out interviews. The crew taken will have to have the required equipment including using cameras, microphones and lighting wether that be to hire or buy this equipment.  Talksport will also have to work out the costs on transport if you are carrying out an interview at a certain location and having to pay for all of the needed crew members to carry out the interview will use up some of the budget. Other than paying for the equipment etc. to carrying out interviews, TalkSport may also need to hire facilities which will help them create and edit the media they have gathered.


TalkSport have to find out the amount of time they will spend and have to spend in their pre planning. They will need to consider the deadlines of the production which is where they will have to complete their radio show for and the time in which they will gather the material (interviews). The availability of the equipment may mean using up time and the time the equipment is allowed to be taken for is why time is important in the pre production part or the process. The amount of time the personnel are available for is important for TalkSport to think about in pre producing  of the media piece.


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