West Cheshire College Article

“Yes!, it looks very modern and it is nicely laid out. I find it very easy to find myself around the college due to its simple design. It looks amazing from both the inside and outside and i am enjoying myself here.”

The Ellesmere port West Cheshire college campus is a new modern campus which offers the students to develop an education in their preferred career path. Built in 2011, the college offers many facilities and is filled with the latest technology and equipment which assists students with their courses and their work which is all part of the learning program in which the college has to offer. In this article i will focus on the physical location of the college and the facilities it has to offer. I have asked current students at the college about their views on these which will tell us how successful the college has been.

The Ellesmere Port campus is near the centre of Ellesmere Port which holds the advantage of easy accessible transport links such as buses/trains which is ideal for students to travel to and from college. With the college being near Ellesmere Port centre it is also practical for the students who would prefer to walk into Ellesmere Port centre to get their lunch or snacks if they decide they do not want to use the cafe or snack shops inside the building. The college also provides useful links to Cheshire Oaks by bus which can get you there within 10 minutes or if the student has a car they can take the short straight forward route which is helpful to get to if the students currently has a job in Cheshire Oaks. One of the concerns with some of the students however is how far away the Ellesmere Port station is to the college which students can run the risk of getting to college in time or catching a train on time at the end of the day.

Along with the impressive building and the extensive amount of interesting courses you can do, the college also offers many facilities that the students can use. The facilities go as far as having a costa to a gym which helps attract students to the college in which they can use in their spare time and then there are other facilities which help with the college courses. Along with the new building, the college also supply different facilities and equipment to give the students a real feel of what it would be like in the professional industry. These facilities include hospital beds, studio environments for media, games development and music tech courses, dining rooms and restaurant, a theatre and a mock airplane cabin. Also a lot more different facilities which help with your courses. The students also like the facilities available as they “are very accommodating to what you want to do” a student of the college told me and also they ” found it handy to have a little shop” so they can purchase products when they want to wether that be stationary for their course or lunch. The students of the college have also approved of the equipment claiming that the “equipments very high tech, lots of updated macs and computers” and they also “find it handy that you can rent out equipment such as cameras and microphones which will help assist with my work.”

From joining the college i have heard that the West Cheshire College staff have been helpful and have gone out of their way to make sure that the enrolling students are put onto the right career path and college course. From my experiences i came into the college not knowing which course i was going to do and came out a bit later knowing the course i wanted to take due to the amount of information i received from the college staff. With my time asking other students they also share the same views explaining that “the staff are great, very friendly and very helpful. From my experiences so far, all of the students have been very friendly which has made me feel settled at the college.” Not only have the college staff been helpful with courses, they are always keen to offer help with financial concerns which all add to the feeling that the staff all care about the students individually.

West Cheshire College have made a really good job on the “very modern” building that they have created which the students very much approve of. The college facilities put a successful twist on learning as they get the students used to working in a professional surrounding with all of the equipment and technology they have on offer and kind staff which are very happy to help.



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