Syria’s Silent Stance

We have seen the violence and corruption, heard from opposing countries but why are Syria and Assad Keeping so quiet?

Throughout the recent events regarding the Syrian war, news outlets have mainly aimed their focus on the involvement’s and stances taken by other countries using Barrack Obama’s America, David Cameron’s UK and Vladimir Putins Russia as examples. Despite this field being largely covered by the media we have heard little about the Syrian Government’s take on these situations especially Assad’s stance on the current affair. Although we are very much aware and kept up to date with the Civil War through various media companies, surprisingly very little know the catalyst of the civil war and awareness of how it all started may change your interpretation and outlook towards the Syrian Government. To test the peoples knowledge i asked people on their views on the Syrian war and the replies confirmed that the beginning of the war and the Syrian government’s involvement is a topic which hasn’t been thoroughly covered in the media.

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March 2011 peaceful protests were taking place in the southern city Deraa. The protests were due to a number of children being arrested as they used graffiti on the walls to project their anti government opinions. For this, fifteen children were subsequently arrested and reportedly tortured by Syrian security forces as punishment which led to the peaceful protests as they understandably were not happy with the action the Syrian government took. Shockingly, the Syrian government decided to take action on the protests by opening fire on them in the streets of Deraa which resulted in the murdering of four people on the 18 March 2011. The Syrian government followed up these attacks by shooting at the mourners of the victims killed in the shootings also killing another person. It is important to not that initially, these were peaceful protests. These events made the rebels act upon many other conflicts such as the lack of government help with other matters with the economy and state violence being examples. Now you know more about the Syrian war, hopefully readers will realise how corrupt Syria has become under Bashar al-Assad’s presidency. After telling my interviewees this story they developed different emotional responses such as “upsetting” and “angry” due to how corrupt the Syrian government was after i enlightened them to how it all started.

“We need a political settlement so that you’re not slaughtering your own people” – Barrack Obama

As we know due to recent events, other countries particularly America through Barrack Obama have shown they are keen to attempt to put a stop to all the chaos happening in Syria. Other countries have changed their stance to Syria due to the potential threat Assad may carry out in the future if the chemical warfare gets out of hand. Despite not having the full backing from the house of commons, David Cameron thought it would have been necessary to use force against the Syrian Government as he witnessed seeing “children’s bodies stored in ice. Young men and women gasping for air and suffering the most agonising deaths — all inflicted by weapons that have been outlawed for nearly a century. I saw young people suffering agonising deaths.” United States president Barrack Obama has reiterated to the media that they are willing to put a stop to the civil war even putting it through congress to authorise a military attack on Syria. Obama, like Cameron both share the view that they want justice for the innocent people of Syria and both want action to take place to fight against the corruption of the Syrian government. Due to Syria’s quiet stance, it was not certain that the Syrian Government possessed chemical weapons which led to the like of France and Germany accusing them of having the weapons however Germany decided that like UK, they are not willing to participate in any action against Syria.

“Assad regime ordered me to gas people – but I could not do it” Brigadier – General Zaher al-Sakat, a former chemical weapons chief

Other than the mentioned countries, Russia have played a big part in trying to halt the violence happening within Syria. However, Vladamir Putin does not want to use violence and warfare to stop the civil war and instead peacefully work out a solution claiming “a strike would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism”. The proposal from Russia was for Syria to dispose of all of its chemical weapons under international control which will helped extinguish the chemical violence in Syria and any possible forthcoming attacks led by the United States of America. In response to this proposal, Assad told Fox News that he would be willing to “get rid” of the chemical weaponry being used in attacks but explained that complying to this would be “a very complicated operation, technically and it needs a lot of money, some estimates (say) about a billion [dollars].” The fact that Assad has hardly briefed the media about the concerning matters over the last few years could tell us that he is purposely not confronting the media so that the harsh reality of the ongoing situation can be hidden which does not dent the reputation of Assad or Syria even more.

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