Unit 2 – Primary research review

For my primary research i wanted to gather general knowledge of what people know about the syrian war and how it began. The reason why i have chosen to ask about this is because it is surprising how little know about how the civil war started and i would like to prove how the Syrian Government’s side has been kept quiet and people don’t realise how corrupt their government is. The emotional response i hope to gain from my question will depend on how the reader takes the story i have involved in my questionnaire. The story tells the interviewee of how the Syrian Government decided to take the action of shooting dead a number of peaceful protesters, the protests were because the Syrian people disagreed with the government for arresting and reportedly torturing a number of school children.

The interviewee  gave me an emotional response as they found that the government’s actions were upsetting due to the government used weapon force to silence the protests and the torturing of the children. This also provoked an angry response for the same reason, with them wondering how this was able to be allowed by the Syrian government.

I have used questioning style in my questions consisting of three closed question and the final most important question i have as open. I used the closed question to get a brief idea of how much they know about the Syrian war so i can tell if they know how the war began. After the first three questions i have written a short paragraph which tells the interviewee the truth about how the civil war started. The story is truthful but at the same time designed to get an emotional response. I follow this up by asking them the final question which is open so i get a real feel of the persons response to the story i told them wether that be an angry or upset response.

In my next questionnaire i will try to improve by making the interviewee go into more information about how much they know about how the war started by aiming to ask more open or leading questions. I will also ask more people so that i get a thorough view about what people know which will mean my results will be more accurate.


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