Warfare reporting questionnaire

Syria’s involvement in the Civil War

What do you know about the Syrian Government?
“The government is corrupt and possibly involved in the death of many Syrian people because of chemical weapons use.”

What do you think of their Government’s stance on the war?
“They probably do not care and are quite happy to have a war.”

Did you know how the war started?
“America going in because of corrupt practices going on.”

In March 2011 in Deraa, locals took to the streets to protest after 15 children had written anti government graffiti on the walls had been arrested and reportedly tortured for doing so. This was initially a peaceful protest. The government then decided to take the action of shooting and ending the life of four of the protesters. The government then followed up these attacks by shooting at and killing one of the mourners at the funeral of the victims.

How does this make you feel?
“It is upsetting that a government cannot allow freedom of speech in the country and feel that they can punish people by death for speaking their mind. Im also angry due to the way they have gone about the whole situation”


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