Presentation Techniques

To help me with my work i decided to study a presenter who i think presents successfully. The presenter i chose to study is Ross Kemp who is mostly known for his presenting skills on his program “Ross Kemp on Gangs”. The program is about Ross Kemp travelling the world and delving deep into the criminal world by talking to gang members, those affected by gangs actions and those who are trying to combat the problems notable authorities.

This is one of my first points about what i find successful about Ross Kemp’s presenting. He goes out of his way to get many different perspectives of how gangs are affecting society and different to many other, Ross Kemp gets first hand information on the gangs which gives viewers a real insight into how the criminal world works. On the opposite to this, he also gets the perspective of the people affected by the attacks which also gives the viewers an insight into the people that suffer which provokes an emotional response which are good presenting skills.

Whilst dealing with issues that may be sensitive, Ross Kemp is very understanding to the people and uses a calm approach. Ross Kemp is very good at getting the truth out of people and gives these people to address the media of their concerns and what is happening in the world.

 characteristics, style, technique, tone of voice, body language. Discuss examples of their work and why they are appropriate for their audience. Minimum 500 words.



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