Presenting unit

For our idea we were looking at creating a piece that will mainly be talking about the subject of football just before the world cup kicked off. We initially looked at examples of these types of shows to give us an idea of how we should go about our show by looking at the techniques they use in these shows.

A League Of their own


“A comedy panel show for Sky1 with the focus firmly on sport.

A League Of Their Own takes its cue from sporting obsession and sets two teams of comedians, celebrities and sports stars against each other in a test of their sporting knowledge. From record breaking feats to headline grabbing events, the show is stuffed with the kind of sensational take home facts that sports fans just love to quote.

The show tackles questions like – “which footballers spent the most on their wedding?” and “Can you arrange David James’ haircuts in chronological order?”

Across a number of rounds, the teams’ sporting knowledge is put to the ultimate test. A League Of Their Own takes its cue from sports fans’ obsession with lists and stats and the first round sees the teams arrange three possible answers into their order of preference.

Regular rounds include ‘Guest List’, in which the teams must come up with the same answers a famous sports star has given in response to a question about their profession; and ‘Human Clock’, the ultimate test of knowledge and stamina: the team must answer as many questions correctly as is possible in the time that one or more of them can endure a tough physical challenge.

It’s red v blue, Redknapp v Flintoff, and no one wants to be on the losing side. Who’ll have the last laugh and claim victory, proving they’re truly in a league of their own?”

A Question Of Sport



A Question of Sport will celebrate its 40th birthday in January 2010 making it the longest running TV quiz show in the UK and possibly the world.

Some of the biggest names in British and International sport have appeared on the programme since its early days.

In four decades the show has only had three presenters.

Here is a potted history of some of the captains, hosts, and stars that have helped to make the show a favourite.

The first A Question of Sport aired on 5th January 1970 and was hosted by David Vine.

The first team captains were boxer Henry Cooper and Wales rugby union star Cliff Morgan.

They were joined by George Best, Ray Illingworth, Lillian Board, and Tom Finney.

After carrying out research into presenters i looked at my research in order to help me with the piece that i was going to produce. First of all i had to decide what i wanted to create my piece on. Initially i thought of a few ideas ranging from a Comedy Cooking sketch to a tourist/sight seeing guide for a place i liked. Whilst weighing up my options i realised that i wanted to take a more serious approach to my presenting piece and decided to form a show with a few other people with sport being the topic. The group members consisted of Daniel Hughes, Daniel Linford Downes and myself which was quite ideal for a number of reasons. We all were on the same course which helped when we all needed to get together to discuss or film as we had the same timetables. We all share the same interest in sports so we knew that our idea would be something that will keep us enthusiastic about the topic we are covering which would also mean the standard of our work will be more knowledgable and in detail.

As a group we discussed what our show would consist of and wether our show would be a quiz or not. At the beginning we played with the idea of our film being a quiz and watched current shows such as A League Of Their Own and A Question of Sport which were similar concepts to the show we were thinking of creating. If we were to create a sports quiz show we would like to have had challenges like they do in the research shows mentioned before. We brainstormed ideas such as playing darts or a penalty shootout but when we started to consider the filming aspect of our show we realised that the space had to film limited the content we could film. After learning this we decided to take another approach which was a show in which we talked about the current affairs in football. We all agreed that this would be more appropriate to film and with each of us being interested and knowledgable about the sport we thought that we could create an informative piece. After deciding the concept of our show we started to advance on creating the show.

We had decided that we wanted to film our show in a room inside the college and thought about all of the things we needed to create our show. We wanted to be sitting down at a table with a tv behind us to present our powerpoint so we had to enquire about the availability of these and also at the time of filming we would need a camera to film our piece so again we had to make sure we could rent a camera from the college to record our piece. Daniel Hughes came up with the name of the tv show which was “The Only Way Is Football” which we then started to base our show around. We had meetings to discuss what we will talk about in the show, so we researched what was happening in football at that moment of time to get an idea of what we could talk about. After Daniel Hughes coming up with the name, we set ourselves with tasks and my first task was to create the logo/home screen of the powerpoint we wanted to create. I wanted to make this screen visually eye catching, modern,have reference to football and also to have the shows name on the front. I found the image i wanted to use on the internet and started to create the image on photoshop. I also used the image to create calling cards to use on the show which will make our show look more professional. At the same time Daniel Hughes started to work on the powerpoint on Microsoft Powerpoint gathering images on all of the topics which were to be talked about and Daniel Linford Downes started to write the script and questions to be asked.


As a class we watched all of our presentations and gave each other feedback on how we could improve our presentation piece. After watching our piece i thought that i should have looked and talked to the camera more. By doing this i will be seen as more of a professional presenter and will perhaps include the viewers into our piece. I think that the three presenters made it clear what our presentation piece was about and were very knowledgeable about the topics being discussed. We found that we gave very good views on these matters to the public and presented it well to the viewers. If we were to improve on our presentation piece i think we would chose a better location, have more microphones and perhaps more camera angles to make our piece look more professional.

My Evaluation


After watching over our presentation piece, we concentrated on how we could have improved what we produced. I asked the members of the group to tell me how i could have improved. Similar to my own evaluation, members of the group thought that i should have been looking at the camera more to engage with the viewers more successfully. We also talked about my positioning in the piece feeling that i shouldn’t have been as central as i was as i blocked the tv screen. I had to keep leaning out the way in order for the viewers to see the content on the screen which didn’t look as professional.

We also talked about the pros in my presenting which were that i took more of a professional approach to my piece and that i was the least biased when talking about our footballing views.


Dan Hughes

Again we thought that Dan’s eye contact could have been better and possibly could have taken more of a professional approach when talking about his footballing views. Although Dan was a good presenter he perhaps could have taken his piece more seriously again being more professional. At times throughout filming, Dan took a few takes to put forward his opinions which would have been easier to get it right first take for timing reasons.

Dan was very knowledgable in his presenting and kept the conversation flow going. Dan was also very good at his time keeping which was very easy for us to keep on filming smoothly. Dan communicated with the other two presenters well and kept the speech flowing keeping it interesting for the viewers.


Daniel Linford Downes

we felt that Dan perhaps should have remembered the topics better without having to constantly look at the calling cards and instead looking at the camera and viewers. This would help the viewers feel more engaged to Dan as he was raising all the points discussed into the show. He also had a tendency to produce his lines too quickly which could have been due to nerves so advise would be to relax and deliver his lines more efficiently.

Dan did a lot of things well when performing his piece providing good knowledge and good communication with the other presenters. Danny also kept a good flow keeping the timing of the piece up to scratch by moving on the topics when the needed to be. He also improvised when talking about topics which added good knowledge to the content of the show and made the show more informative to the viewers.

Another Evaluation – Philip Pierce

I got another opinion from someone who watched our presentation piece to give us an evaluation.

” After watching The Only Way Is Football i thought it was good and  felt at ease listening to the football knowledgable being passed onto us as the viewers. I was very  confident that they knew what they were talking about so i could tell that i could trust their opinions.

The imagery and the set was good except the lack of space meant that the TV screen was hard to see because of the presenters being placed in front of it but i’m not sure anything could have been done about that. Other than that the set looked professional with the calling cards etc.”




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