Ross Kemp Presentation

Ross James Belshaw Kemp has shown up in the media in many ways including being an actor in award winning Eastenders and TV series Ultimate Force and has won BAFTA’s in his acting roles. Ross Kemp has also been an author and journalist but one of the main presenting roles that Ross Kemp has played are the ones i will be focusing on which include Ross Kemp on gangs, Ross Kemp in Afghanistan and Ross Kemp: Extreme World. These TV series show Ross Kemp putting himself in difficult and dangerous situations and he interviews people to get stories to give watchers a real insight into these situations.

I watched an episode of Ross Kemp on gangs and focused on the techniques in which Ross Kemp used to help him present successfully. In the episode i watched he focused on the conflicts in Jamaica and straight from the beginning of the show  Ross Kemp presents us with many of the facts about the crime rate in the country. The presenter gave figures about the crime rate in Jamaica telling is that “one person is killed every six hours” and that “over 10,000 people are in gangland activities”giving viewers a feel on the circumstances of the country. Ross Kemp in his career is seen as being a rough and tough character which comes as a surprise when he admits that he is feeling nervous and this occurs throughout the show. The former Eastenders star talks in a serious manner which shows the audience that the situations he is dealing with a very real and are to be taken seriously and respectfully.

In between interviews Kemp tells the viewers about how he is feeling and describes the situation around him. This creates a clear image of how brutal his surroundings are such as bullet holes in the walls and people giving him “the eye” making the audience share a bit of the fear that Ross Kemp is experiencing. In this episode, Ross Kemp was enabled to visit the police station and have a look at the weaponry which had been confiscated in the five mile radius of the station. The amount of weapons confiscated in such a little radius is surprising which Ross Kemp again shows how serious crime activities are in the area with the presenter claiming that there were over 700 weapons seized in the police station. When talking to police members Kemp crosses his arms and has a neutral stance which differs to when he interviews gang members where there is a bit more tension.

One of the main techniques i have noticed whilst watching Ross Kemp presenting are that he tries to get as many sides as he can in his interviews. In this case Ross Kemp got interviews from the gangsters, people from a political point of view and those who have been directly affected from gangland activity. One of his first interviews in this show was with the president of Jamaica’s daughter Sarah whilst she was driving him around the area. Ross Kemp asks Sarah about what he sees around him such as enquiring why there were road blocks making sure that he will get an answer with first hand evidence. In his interview with Sarah, Ross Kemp uses silence to great affect when the interviewee is telling Kemp and the viewers stories about the harsh reality of life in Jamaica which again helps viewers get a real sense of the corruption of the country. When Sarah is talking Ross Kemp nods his head in agreement which shows Sarah that he understands the situation and sympathises with the people caught up in gang activity.

On his first encounter with a Jamaican gangster Ross Kemp makes sure he is friendly and shows interest when the gang are showing him around their settlement by walking with him and asks him questions. Kemp notices bullet holes in the houses of their areas and asks questions about how they happened and sympathises with them. In this settlement he also manages to get an interview with a boy who has been shot by other gang members. Ross starts to asks direct questions like “who shot you?” getting direct answers by those who are affected by the gang wars. At the end of talking to this casualty Ross Kemp says “hope you get better mate” which helps create rapport with the gang members in this settlement.

Ross kemp gets the chance to talk to another person who has been affected by the Gang activity in Jamaica. Kemp manages to talk to a man who lost his wife after she was shot dead by a member of a gang. Again Ross Kemp uses silence during this interview whilst this man is talking which is emotional to watch. The presenter sympathises to the man by saying “sorry” and when Ross steps out he is captured wiping a tear away from his eye which speaks volumes to the audience when seeing this notably tough man is emotionally affected.

One thing Ross Kemp really excels at in his television series is that he puts himself into the thick and danger of these situations which helps give a real insight into what really is happening in parts of the world. When Ross Kemp creates these documentaries viewers get a first hand sense about what is happening and he delivers this when he gets interviews with some of the main gang members of the area. When interviewing the gangsters he asks about their firearms taking interest in them creating rapport with these gang members and asks about how the gangs work. When the gang are speaking Ross Kemp nods his head agreeing with the gang members and shakes his hand with the gang members at the end of the interview creating rapport.

Near the end of the show Ross Kemp gets an interview with the Don of a gang which is what he wanted. When Kemp goes to speak with the Don it is very tense. The presenter sits down on a chair so that he is not threatening to the Don and Ross Kemp nods when the gang leader is talking showing he understand the Dons role in a gang. Ross Kemp asks a question about violence however the Don doesn’t want to talk about this and Kemp immediately drops the question and changes the subject as he doesn’t want to put the Don out of his comfort zone. Ross Kemp creates rapport with the Don by making jokes in attempt to help the gang leader feel more comfortable in the interview.


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