Human Universe Doreen

Human Universe, first aired on 7th of October 2014, is a new English 60 minute Television Series currently being ran on BBC Two\BBC Two HD featuring English physicist Brian Cox as the presenter of the show. The program is about humans place in the universe in which Brian Cox goes into depth about the wonders of the world which involve us as human beings. In this article i will discuss what type of people are most likely to be interested in this programme by carrying out research both secondary and primary.

As a class, we looked at the type of audiences that this programme might interest so we can get an idea of the type of people who watch the programme in order to find our Doreen for this product. We did this by carrying out a research both online and asking the public to try and get an idea of the audience of the show and also watching episodes of the program also looking at who the series would appeal to by the content of the programme. One of the first things you’ll notice when watching the human universe documentary is that the cinematography and visuals are very pleasing which adds to the effect of the programme so instantly there is a field which this television series attracts people to watch it. Another audience group that this would instantly attract would be those who are a fan of Brian Cox and his past work such as his previous television series Wonders of Life and Wonders of the Universe. Within the first few minutes of the episode there is a large reference to science such as the opening scenes being related to space. When watching the programme we picked out aspects and concluded which areas the programme might interest. The television series helping me identify that my Doreen will be an Atheist due to the strong scientific ties in the programme and has a keen interest in Science and Spaceology and is a fan of Brian Cox after watching his previous work.

One of the main sources I used to get an idea of who takes an interest in this Documentary is by using social media site Facebook. I used Facebook to look up the Human Universe Facebook page, however there wasn’t an ofoficial page setup so I researched into pages set up by fans of the show which had a decent following. By looking at this page I got a direct insight of the type of people who are a fan of the programme which gave me an indication of the age and gender of the audience interested. I also found brian cox’s official Facebook page which also helped me viewers by looking at the likes of his page. From looking at Facebook, it showed me that more of the people that followed these accounts where male and statistics concluded that the average age of the followers were between the ages of 25 to 34 possibly giving hints that my doreen will most likely be a student\young adult. By looking at these pages, Facebook show me the statistics of where the followers of the pages are based which was London,United Kingdom again giving me the vital information to help me find the details of this programmes Doreen. Although looking at facebook statistics is a step in the right direction to finding out the average viewers this programme, the results maybe fairly inaccurate because people of older generations are less likely to be using social media as i found the same problems with twitter.

I carried out the same technique on twitter by looking at Brian Cox’s official twitter profile which was not as direct as my Facebook research because Human Universe did not have an official twitter account. By looking at Brian Cox’s followers on Twitter, I found that a lot of accounts followed him that scientific interests such as science based companies rather than peoples personal accounts which is still helpful due to finding out the related subjects to Brian Cox. After a thorough search through the accounts followers, I found that more of the people were male and around the ages of 20 to 30 correlating with the results from my Facebook research. Also from this research I found that a lot of the people following Brian Cox were attending a university course as seen in their Bio and a few of those were currently on a course involving scientific studies. I wanted a bit more of a direct search into who watches the Human Universe programme so I used the Twitter tool hash tagging. Whilst looking on Brian Cox’s Twitter profile, I saw that he set up a hash tag (#humanuniverse) in attempt to promote the programme. I typed in the said hash tag to find the accounts who were talking about the programme and briefly looked at their profiles to observe the audiences which matched in with the results of my previous research. From the social media research I did, I found that my Doreen will be 25 year old male and will be studying a science related course and will be based in London of the United Kingdom.

I continued my online research by looking at web articles produced by companies such as The Guardian and Telegraph which were discussing the new television series by Brian Cox. These web articles both had comments sections where viewers of the program talked about the article and series. I did not find this research method as valuable to me as i didn’t have a sufficient insight into the people who were writing in the comments section as i could only see their profile picture and name and not everyone where using the comments section as they should have been used again hampering my research results. By looking at the profile pictures, i had a vague idea of the people who were discussing the show which i found most were male and where young adults however this was not the most reliable research method. I also used imdb to look at Brian Cox’s profile and looked at the type of work he has done in the past which gave me an indication of the type of people who are likely to follow Brian Cox and the subjects and fields that will be present in Human Universe.


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